Managed Print

Document Output Management

Printing With Confidence and Control

Printing costs can represent a huge part of your company’s expenditures. No one knows this better than the Managed Print Experts at Toshiba. That’s why we offer a variety of intuitive, state-of-the-art solutions designed to help you manage, optimize, protect and control your company’s printing volume and expenses.


Print Audit

Analyze, Reduce and Recover

Output costs can eat up overhead. Toshiba knows most companies underestimate their printing needs and expenses by as much as 50%. Print Audit 6 is the easy way to get an exact picture of your company’s printing volume and expenses. It gives you the tools to identify and reduce those costs thus increasing your bottom line and allowing additional investment in revenue-generating expenditures.

Print Audit 6 at a glance:

• Discover who is printing what and how much
• Analyze the data to better deploy output devices
• Reduce output costs through awareness and controls
• Charge back output to departments, clients
• Automatically redirect print jobs to appropriate devices
• Limit color usage by the printer, user, application and more
• Improve output security
• Track networked, local and IP connected devices
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PREO Printelligence MPS

A comprehensive approach to controlling print costs

There's a smarter way to manage the printing behavior within your organization. Toshiba and Preo Software are teaming up to help businesses learn how to print less without sacrificing productivity. Most importantly, saving money and reducing your eco footprint.

• Gather Data –spending on each device and user Educate Users – empower and educate users to better understand alternatives
• Change Behavior – using Print Management Objectives (PMOs) -- alter behavior at the end-user level
• TMeasure Continuously – measure the change in behavior, realize the savings
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